Inspiration wedding in Umbria
Inspiration wedding in Umbria where you can take some ideas for yor special day.
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Massimiliano Basile

The inspiration photo shooting is an inspirational wedding in Umbria, in the centre of Italy. We called this photo shooting ethereal because we wanted to show brides and grooms, an idyllic wedding moment!
Only now we’re out from many restrictions. This year, for everyone, is the year to dream. Creating a dreamy atmosphere, where it is possible to leave the world’s problems outside.

First af all we talk abou the colour pallette.

The mood colours are pink, white, and green. Delicate colours that are in perfect harmony with the colours of the venue: Tenuta San Lorenzo Vecchio. Tenuta San Lorenzo Vecchio is located among the Umbria Hills, in a place where there is only peace and a breathtaking view. Every corner of this venue could be the perfect frame for your couple’s photos and there is no need to go to any other places.

Wedding drees

The masterpiece of this inspiration wedding in Umbria is the wedding gown of the well-known brand Nicole Milano. This dress is called Anghel entirely made of antique pink tulle, with a heart neckline and tulle drapes. It’s a dress for a romantic bride who wants to live a dreamy wedding.

What will be one of the best regions to get married in Italy?

This region, Umbria, is a beautiful destination for weddings for English, Scottish and American people. The Washington Post wrote a beautiful article about Umbria, which can be compared to Tuscany for its marvellous landscape. It is a region to discover. The brides and groom who want to come to Italy to get married could take some ideas from this inspiration shooting in Umbria.

Now, we do waste time on words and enjoy the beautiful picture. You’ll find also the names of all the vendors who partake in this inspiration wedding!


Video: Mose Studio

Flower designer: Luisa Gervasi Floral events

Atelier: Marcelloni Sposa

Wedding gown: Nicole Milano

Makeup: Martina Pioli Bridal make up 

Hairstyle: Mattia hair stylist for il Polo parrucchieri

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