About Us

Chantal Karisa

Chantal is a passionate photographer and a true professional in her field, who stands out for her attention to detail at every stage of the production process. With her passion for photography, Chantal is able to create unique images, capable of capturing the essence of special moments. Thanks to her ability to manage every aspect of photographic production, Chantal is able to offer a tailor-made solution for any need, with a particular attention to detail that makes her a point of reference in the sector.

The picture is my only thought

The philosophy "The picture is my only thought" is an aphorism that places the creation of iconic images at the heart of the photographic profession, without neglecting the artistic quality and aesthetic value of photography. Chantal has embraced this philosophy in her work as a photographer, always trying to capture unique moments and enhance them through the image. With her passion for photography, Chantal manages to put the meaning and essence of the captured scene at the center of each shot, creating images that remain etched in the collective memory and imagination. Her ability to create unique and original images makes her a highly regarded professional in the field of photography.

We are a united team

Chantal Karisa

Founder - Photography

Founder and chief visionary, Chantal is the driving force behind the company. She loves to always keep busy in her passion by developing the contests and the storyboard of the photo shoots, coordinating the rest of the staff for teamwork.


Assistant Photography

I'm Debora but for those who know me I soon become "Debby" 😊. I love stopping time through my shots, being able to impress on a photo, forever, the emotions I feel, that I see, that others transmit to me...

Lorenzo Braconi

Video Maker

Hi, I'm Lorenzo and I love making videos.
Through the images I can express emotions that I am not able to tell in other ways. Making videos is not just a job, it's my greatest passion. Every time I lift the camera and start capturing the world through the lens I forget everything and immerse myself completely in the story I have to tell. 

Max Basile

WebWedding Designer

​Max is a professional who takes care of creating a personalized and engaging digital wedding experience, a virtual environment for future spouses, which allows them to organize their wedding remotely, managing every detail online, from inviting guests to choosing decorations, music and a space where all guests can post photos and videos of the event.