Destination wedding in Umbria
A fabulous destination weddding in Umbria.
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Umbria is the green paradise in the centre of Italy. It is a region full of greenery, made of bushes and secret roads that lead you to enchanting places. In this region, there are a lot of old abbeys, castles and churches, like the venue that Ruth and Garry have chosen for their wedding day.
But now, I will tell you more.

Ruth and Garry’s special day:

Ruth and Garry are a lovely couple who decided to have a fantastic Destination wedding in Umbria. We spoke about Umbria in the last article, Inspiration wedding in Umbria.

They are Scottish and live in Dubay. They want to live in authentic Italy, made of delicious food, excellent wine, and laughter and joy.
They chose the venue of San Pietro Sopra le Acque to have all of these.

San Pietro Sopra le Acque venue…The church of San Pietro Sopra le Acque (St. Peter above the Waters) and the adjoining convent of the Reformed Friars Minor (Franciscans) play an important role in the historical/artistic context within the territory of Massa Martana, both for the antiquity of the foundation and for the beauty of the site in which they stand, as well as for the outstanding artworks kept.
The name “Sopra le Acque” derives from the spring waters of which this place is rich at the base of the rocky wall delimiting the site to the north.

In this historical and evocative atmosphere, Ruth and Garry choose to get married here.
They wanted to have the getting ready into the rooms of this gorgeous venue. Ruth looks so beautiful with her dress of Susanna Rachel Bridal, and thanks also to the make-up artist Hair Make up Rome.
They celebrated a symbolic ceremony in the garden full of roses in front of the old arch.
Stefano Mordivoglia was the celebrant of their symbolic wedding. Every word was so emotional.

What is a symbolic ceremony?

The symbolic ceremonies are always very emotional when intimate friends or relatives can contribute with some words or speeches for the couple. Every time I cry.

A celebration like this allows you to express your personality and values. Because it has no legal value, a symbolic wedding ceremony offers much flexibility: It can take place anywhere, principally outdoors. As for the content, you can include everything you like, provided it is suitable and in keeping with the official nature of a traditional wedding ceremony.

After it we went to the central garden, where all the guests had a buffet.
The dinner was emotional too, with the speeches of some intimate relatives who shared their feelings with the couple.

The day concluded with a fun party where everyone danced to the band’s music Senna.

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